Løpsresultater team Vinterdans


Mush Synnfjell:                    9.plass

Femundløpet åpen klasse:  17.plass 

Hakasleppet åpen klasse




Mush Synnfjell, åpen klasse:     7.plass

Gausdal maraton, åpen halv:    1.plass

Femundløpet, 8-spann:            7.plass   



Vikerfjell, 140 km:                     2.plass

Hallingen, 180 km:                    3.plass

Femundløpet 400 km:                DNF



Gausdal Maraton, 200 km:         4. plass

Vikerfjell-løpet 70 km:               1.plass

Hallingen, 160  km:                   4.plass         

Femundløpet/VM 400 km:         15.plass



Drevsjøløpet 100 km:                1. plass

Femundløpet 400 /prøve-VM:     9. plass  

Hallingen, 8-spann, 180 km:      4. plass



Hallingen, 6-spann, 40 km:        6. plass

Rørosløpet, 6-spann, 40 km:      2. plass

Drevsjøløpet 6-spann, 50 km.    2. plass



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Konkurranseplaner 2015

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by Tim Hunt.

Webkamera Garli, Beitostølen




Hundene i Kennel Vinterdans






“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.”




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"Every day I get to run my dogs and talk to them out in the dog lot while sitting on top of their houses is a good day". 

- Lance Mac key





«Det e for mykje folk og førr mange veja» - Sigird Ekran om Norge kontra Alaska.




Femundlopet 2010


«Lance Mackey could take your dogs and beat his team with your dogs. That's how good of a musher he is.»

Hugh Neff


«As long as you can buy better dogs than you can breed, buy dogs. There is nothing sadder than seeing somebody acquire a few mediocre dogs and then, before they even know what to look for, have twenty or thirty mediocre puppies on the ground.» - Jim Welsh, The Speed mushing manual



«"If you've got a good connection with your dogs, you are a part of them and they are a part of you. They are an extension of your arm. If you feel from deep down those dogs will feel it. We all focus as one mind.»

- Joe Garnie (Teller, Ak.)


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«I don't care if it's three in the morning or the middle of the afternoon – I'll run dogs anytime.»

-- Lance Mackey